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Municipal Centre Moravské Bránice

Moravské Bránice 325, Moravské Bránice, Czech Republic; 2017

architectural competition

authors: Jan Foretník, Radek Toman and Jakub Stýblo

cooperation: Klára Stachová / Krajinka and Marie Joja

investor: Obec Moravské Bránice


The subject of the architectural competition was the design of the Municipal House of Moravské Bránice in place of today's municipal office and the adjoining municipal site. The goal was to design both the multi-purpose building of the municipal office with a cultural hall, fire station and other possible functions, as well as the adjoining public spaces.

site layout

village square

semi-public yard

multifunctional hall

The proposal is based on the traditional structure and hierarchy of a rural settlement, which is interpreted it in a contemporary way. The site is organized as a sequence of individual functions ranging from public to utility.

The building program is divided into three basic volumes: a municipal office building, a multifunctional hall and a fire station with a maintenance staff background. These objects define free spaces: a newly defined village square, semi-public yard and service yard.

The surrounding public areas are naturally connected to the square. Directly from the square there are entrances to the municipal office, commercial space (services, shop) and access to the apartment unit. The square also includes existing shops and school. The cultural and social life of the village takes place in the courtyard. There is a library, bar and multifunctional hall.

Results at Czech Chamber of Architects website