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Faculty of Chemical Technology of University of Pardubice

Studentská ulice 573, Pardubice-Polabiny, Czech Republic; 2001

urban planning and architectural competition, shared third prize

author: Jaromír Walter

cooperation: Jan Foretník, Jolana Karásková, Rudolf Müller, Hana Nytrová, Milan Nytra, Saman Saffarian, Robert Sedlák and Radka Sklenářová

investor: Univerzita Pardubice


Urban and architectural design of Faculty of Chemical Technology of University of Pardubice in university campus.

The design allocated spaces for education (lecture rooms and labs) in northern part and administration with restaurant in eastern part of campus. Existing buildings in campus were integrated. Main feature of the design was central "square" with dominant of deanship.

photo of the model

render of view-through to the deanship, to left is the entrance to lecture rooms and labs

render of new central square of campus

overall situation

characteristic sections

Results at Czech Chamber of Architects website (number 017)