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family house Karlinky

Liberec, Czech Republic; 2017-

architectural study, emplacement permit, building permit, simplyfied building documentation, under construction

authors: Jan Foretník and Jakub Stýblo

structural engineers: Jakub Lukavec and Lukáš Krbec

other engineer: Markéta Sedláková (fire protection)


The new family house situated at the base of Ještěd mountain is designed as partly a two-floor flat-roofed building with a U-shaped ground plan. This solution is partly due to the unfavourable orientation of the plot and the building program. The created inner atrium is usable for the studio / guest room and at the same time it allows the southern sun to shine into the main living space, whose main orientation is to the north to the garden and to the floodplain of nearby creek. The individual angles of the ground plan of a building are given by the shape of the plot and the orientation of the view from the living space.


longitudinal section