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cottage Ořechov U Hřiště

Ořechov, Czech Republic; 2015-2017

architectural study, emplacement permit, building permit, constructed with author's supervision

authors: Jan Foretník and Jakub Stýblo

structural engineer: Lukáš Krbec

other engineer: Markéta Sedláková (fire protection)

builder: Woodsystem, s.r.o.


state in October 2017

Realization of cottage in Ořechov nearby Brno. It is a L-shaped ground-floor building. A longer wing has a saddle roof (35° roof slope refers to a traditional village structure), the shorter (with living space) has a flat roof. The look of the house is completed by a combination of white plaster, yellow-glazed windows and wooden boards between windows (Thermowood).

overall view

living area

children's room