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conversion of a barn into a family house

Šebetov, Czech Republic; 2006-2015

concept, architectural study, emplacement permit, building permit, building documentation, constructed with author's supervision

authors: Jan Foretník, Milan Nytra, Hana Nytrová and Melis Atacan

structural engineer: Bohumil Honomichl

other engineers: Markéta Sedláková (fire protection), Petr Schreiber (heating) and Libor Švarzberger (sanitary)


Conversion of the barn by the family house into a new family house. Both houses form one functional unit, the original is used by the investor’s family and the new one by his parents.

Brick ground floor from the original barn is maintained (without significant changes). There is located a garage, workshop and warehouse. Own house is a timber structure, which replaced the original roof structure in a critical condition.

The original intention was to keep the original masonry of the barn without plaster, what didn’t happen for its technical condition. At present, adjustments of the ground floor and the surrounding areas are being finalized.

street view © Michal Helán

north-west view © Michal Helán