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pedestrian zone in Pardubice

třída Míru + náměstí Republiky, Pardubice, Czech Republic; 2002

architectural and urban planning competition, 2nd prize

author: Jaromír Walter

co-authors: Tomáš Dvořák, Jan Foretník, Jolana Karásková, Hana Nytrová, Milan Nytra and Robert Sedlák

cooperation: Jitka Melichaříková


Design of new pedestrian zone at Avenue Třída Míru in the centre of Pardubice, including nearby space of Náměstí Republiky square.

The design enclosed the space of the avenue with a vertical building, moved individual traffic from the square into a tunnel and kept public traffic at the pedestrian zone.

The design was chosen for further development as the best of the competition (first prize was not given). In 2007 the study was finished (incorporating city of Pardubice demands). Next stages of the project (with more changes) were designed by Atelier Walter and Code s.r.o. Currently]under construction, proposed finish in 2/2015.

render of space in front of the theatre at Náměstí Republiky square

render of pedestrian zone between Sladkovského street and proposed new end of the avenue

architectural situation

technical situation

Competition results at Czech Chamber of Architects