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AutoFit HQ and training facility

Vídeňská 112a, Brno-Přízřenice, Czech Republic; 2006-2009

concept, architectural study, emplacement permit, building permit, building documentation, documentation for contrator selection, constructed with author's supervision, documentation of constructed building

authors: Milan Nytra, Hana Nytrová and Jan Foretník

structural engineers: Leoš Gurka and Jaroslav Vácha

other engineers: Jiří Koplík (fire protection), Jan Říha (traffic solution), Ivan Fencl (traffic solution), Helena Fenclová (traffic solution), Hana Hanáková (sanitary), Dušan Slaný (heavy-current supply), Jan Bukolský (communication instalations), Drahomír Blažke (heating), Jaroslav Lepcio (heating) and Josef Hřib (air conditioning)


Building of the training centre, administration and storehouse of car-painting company.

Main contractor PKS Inpos, a.s.

view from Vídeňská street © Milan Nytra

detail of the volume of vertical comunication © Milan Nytra

overall view from the training facility © Jan Foretník

panorama of the area © Jan Foretník