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family house Žatčany

Žatčany, Czech Republic; 2015-2019

architectural study, emplacement permit, building permit, constructed with author's supervision

authors: Jan Foretník and Jakub Stýblo

structural engineer: Lukáš Krbec

other engineers: Markéta Sedláková (fire protection) and Zbyněk Holešovský (sanitary)

builder: Woodsystem, s.r.o.


view at municipality entry

Realisation of the corner house at entrance to Žatčany nearby Brno. In this sensitive position, the scale of the building is reduced by dividing the second floor into two separate parts and by the horizontal separation in the facade material (not finished yet). The shape of the house defines both street lines while ensuring the privacy of its users.

view from side road

view from the inner court

schematic section